8 Facts about Cloud Security

As demand for reliance on cloud computing grows, numerous questions arise. Is it dependable? Is it fast? And above all, is it secure? The latter is a major concern of many and is often a deterrent to would-be adopters of a cloud solution. Understandably so, cloud security is sometimes associated with weak security and susceptibility to attacks.  But is this truly the case? To help set the record straight, here are ten big facts about the current environment of cloud security.

1. Internal Threats Are Still Dangerous

Cloud security is often compromised from within, meaning malicious parties bypass restrictions and access data using employee credentials.

2. Growing Market

Cloud computing usage is growing, so by proxy, so is cloud security. This means cloud security options are always improving. Though not perfect, it’s more secure than it’s ever been.

3. Big Data is Targeted

One major reason cloud networks deal with so many attempts at intrusions is their honey pot of stored data. With virtualization of servers and other resources, there is increased risk to storing information on the cloud.

4. Improved Recognition Tools

That being said, part of the fight to increasing cloud security is better identifying network intruders via patterns and strange behaviors. As recognition improves, by relation so does cloud security.

5. Shared Resource

Cloud based infrastructure is a powerful shared resource. As a result, many companies utilize hybrid models where they can manage security on their own.  It is worth noting cloud is a shared resource, and that information stored through it is still susceptible to attack.

6. Strategy Is Important

Cloud security is something which is very well managed, but requires strategy and planning. Often times, breaches and lost data are caused by management which do not create technical roadmaps for their cloud based infrastructure.

7. Constant Change

One challenge to meet with cloud security is that it is indeed, always changing. Therefore, part of having an ideal security strategy is keeping up with changes, updates and regulations.

8. Cloud Security is Getting Better

The risks associated with cloud computing are far fewer than feared. The fact of the matter is cloud based services are already more secure than average safeguards and are getting better at securing information every day. Largely it comes down to company culture regarding said security, and what roadmaps they have in place to keep their data secure.

Though the cloud may seem like a leaky target on its surface, it’s construction today is much stronger than its initial creation. With proper procedures and internal regulations in place, companies can reliably use models of the cloud so long as proper precautions are taken.  It’s always good to get a second opinion, and this is where Stratosphere Networks can help.  Our experienced professionals understand cloud services in relation to business needs and will determine the right course of action for your business’s best success. Give us a call at (877)599-3999 or fill out a contact form to speak with someone today.