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How to Ensure a Secure Mobile Connection

Internet on the go is a convenient feature applicable to most modern devices and technology. Laptops, smartphones and tablets all have some way to connect to wireless connections – provided they detect them.

However, connecting to random wireless connections can be a major security risk, especially public wireless ones. This is because unsecured connections display your browsing history to anyone savvy enough to find it. In worst case scenarios, this can include sensitive login info for things like bank accounts or social media pages. Read more

How to Ensure Your Mobile Devices Are Secure

Just about everyone has a mobile device these days, and most of these devices are used not only for personal use, but for business as well. From smartphones to tablets, these miniature powerhouses are commonplace. Especially because of all the amazing things they can do, mobile devices have to be protected just like any other tech device. Considering what’s stored on them, keeping your mobile device safe is paramount, for both personal and professional reasons. Be sure to keep these things in mind so as to keep your device protected. Read more

4 Benefits of a BYOD Plan for Your Small Business

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a popular practice in which employees use their own devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops – at work for work purposes. BYOD is a growing trend amongst small and medium businesses, quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception. To protect yourself, your business network and your entire clients’ confidential information, steps must be taken to ensure safety.  You’ll need to invest in Mobile Device Management (MDM) which will help keep your company network secure and assist in setting BYOD policies in place. Mobile Application Management (MAM) does the same for software and can help track work progress and host online meetings. Up-to-date, enterprise-level antivirus programs and cloud services are essential. Read more

Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast: Which is best?

Apple TV: As per the usual, Apple TV is the most aesthetically pleasing device in its industry. The box has a black matte finish and the remote has a silver “iPod” feel to it.  Costing $99, the Apple TV is Apple’s least expensive device.

The best part of Apple TV is that almost every major video app is available on it (Aside from Amazon Instant Video).  Additionally, it gives you access to a large variety of applications in general.  Apple has recently added HBO Go and Watch ESPN. However, the app selection isn’t as vast as other platforms such as Roku. Read more