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Before considering migration to the cloud, it’s important to gather as much information on cloud computing as possible.

8 Facts about Cloud Security

As demand for reliance on cloud computing grows, numerous questions arise. Is it dependable? Is it fast? And above all, is it secure? The latter is a major concern of many and is often a deterrent to would-be adopters of a cloud solution. Understandably so, cloud security is sometimes associated with weak security and susceptibility to attacks.  But is this truly the case? To help set the record straight, here are ten big facts about the current environment of cloud security.

1. Internal Threats Are Still Dangerous

Cloud security is often compromised from within, meaning malicious parties bypass restrictions and access data using employee credentials. Read more

6 Benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Solution

Cloud computing has become an ingrained part of the modern business world, a service filled with practical applications which can raise productivity and cut costs. But, not all cloud services operate in the same way; some operate more publicly and others solely on company’s network. In between though, you have hybrid clouds, a mix of both worlds that works to fit a business’ needs the best. If you’ve never considered it, here’s a few reasons why a hybrid cloud might be an optimal choice.

1 – Costs are flexible and adaptive Read more

Four Myths About Migrating to the Cloud

Is your business considering moving its virtualized data center to the cloud? If so, you may be wondering if this is a good choice. There are many myths about cloud computing out there. While it is true that cloud computing may be better for the vendor than it is for the client, there are many benefits for your business, too. We’ve debunked some of the most popular myths that are circulating about the cloud in order to help you decide if the cloud is a good fit for your business.

1.     It’s Only for New Tech Companies

Sure, it’s easier to start with your business on the cloud than it is to migrate over after your company has already been established. In fact, cloud computing is seen as a necessity for new tech startups. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t the right fit for your company as well. Many of the reasons startups tend to use the cloud are the same reasons you should too.  On the cloud, all of your data is contained in one place. Because it is so centralized and because you have instant online access to information, you will save time. Read more