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User Interface Design (UI) vs. User Experience Design (UX)

Both User Experience Design (UX Design) and User Interface Design (UI Design) are crucial elements to a product and it is essential that they work closely together. However, despite their professional relationship, these two play very unique roles and are quite different. In this regard, they refer to very different parts of the design disciple and process. Where User Interface Design is closer to graphic design, User Experience is a more analytical and technical field. However, the responsibilities in UI design are somewhat more complex than those in graphic design. Read more

Cybersecurity – SMB’s #1 Investment

News headlines of major cybersecurity attacks targeting large corporations and public entities have become a mainstay of today’s business environment. However, reports from industry experts indicate that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the largest target of consistent cyberattacks in the form of malware, intrusion and phishing attacks. Such attacks rarely make the headlines but are becoming more common. Reports show that billions are lost each year as a result of sustained attacks on SMBs. Read more

Why Choose an MSP With a Live Help Desk

A managed service provider or MSP refers to a practice where a company outsources its IT computer network support and management. By doing this, the company is able to enhance its business operations in a number of ways.

Importance of an MSP

For starters, an MSP can handle the risks that are associated with most, if not all, business investments. It helps smaller companies acquire the services available to larger companies that can afford expensive and higher-quality IT support. With an MSP, one can be sure that they reduce the day to day running costs of a business as it reduces the chances of an expensive network disaster from happening. Read more

How The GDPR Affects Your Work


Just like everything else, the way of collecting and storing data is changing. 2018 has seen the biggest change to the protection rules of data in decades. Implemented in May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to harmonize data protection rules. The organization covers all member countries of the European Union (EU).

What this means is, there will now be stricter rules on how data is processed, protected and utilized by organizations. GDPR also seeks to consolidate privacy regulations and give individuals greater control over how their personal information is used. Privacy and safety are both then preserved. Read more

5 SEO Trends Your Business Should Live By

Search engine optimization remains a critical component of any online business. But, SEO is always changing, constantly modified by algorithms, optimization, and trends. It’s important then that your website – regardless of content – follow said trends to keep you at the forefront of search results. It’s a crowded market, and the last thing you want is to fall into irrelevancy. To help, here are five SEO trends your business should follow.

1 – Speed and Website Performance

In the context of the titan search engine, Google, rank is everything. And one of the key factors determining a health rank is speed. That is to say, how fast a web page will load. Ideally – with an optimal internet connection – this should take no longer than three seconds. That’s especially important for mobile performance, where enormous chunks of user traffic occur. Read more

Why IT is Critical for Customer Satisfaction

Living in an age of the empowered customer, businesses are searching for more convenient ways to solve customer service issues. Therefore, ensuring customer service is accessible to meet the expectations of your customer is a no-brainer. In fact, through customer satisfaction, your business is more likely to receive repeat purchases as well as build brand loyalty.

Over the years, IT has been playing a critical role in helping businesses meet the needs of their customers. Businesses can now rely on work processes and technology infrastructure that proactively look for gaps in customer service. Being able to identify and address gaps in customer service before they manifest into an issue is crucial to customer experience as well as the level of service you’re able to provide. Read more

Anti-Virus Do’s and Don’ts to Combat Threats

If there’s one anyone needs when browsing the web, it’s anti-virus software. With the increasing threat of cyber intrusions and their advancing complexity, not having such a crucial program is like leaving your home doors wide open.

Of course, having the software isn’t a solution by itself. One of the best defenses for protecting yourself online is to have some online smarts. In fact, most security problems are often caused by human error, mistake, or deception rather than the Hollywood style “hacking” you see in the media. So how best can you browse online with your anti-virus software? Here’s a few solutions to keep in mind. Read more

Everything you Need to Know about Google Fiber

By now, nearly everyone has heard of Google Fiber and those in the know want to know when it’s going to be available near you. If you’re one of the few who hasn’t yet heard however, Google Fiber is an internet provider service (ISP) that uses fiber optic technology rather than the traditional telephone cable based facilities.

How it work?

Fiber optics send light down thin strands of glass, transmitting data instead of electrical signals through cables. All of Google Fiber’s cabling runs through aggregators known as Google Fiber Huts, or hubs placed in metropolitan areas that use existing utility poles to run their cables instead. Read more

4 Ways Your Business Could Benefit from a Hosted Email Solution

Many SMBs in West Loop are turning to an emailing hosting service to improve their companies. Email hosting services offer a premium email service on dedicated email platforms largely aimed at SMBs.

A provider will manage your domain name and any email authentication strategy you want in place. Having your own domain name and premium email system will make your company look a lot larger than it actually is, and help you compete with the big boys.

More benefits include:

Low cost

The setup costs are low, especially if you compare them with the costs of using a local exchange server. You can choose a plan that is right for your business that includes all support you need with no hardware costs – which can cripple SMBs. the monthly support package covers each user, making sure each employee has exactly what they need. Read more

Managed Services for Your Chicago Startup

A large and expensive part of starting a business in Chicago is setting up your company IT infrastructure, and finding the time to manage it effectively. If you’re finding this a struggle, then a Managed Service Provider (MSP) might be just what you need.

An MSP is an online system operated by a third party that manages all your IT needs for a low monthly cost and has many benefits for a newly growing business.

Cost Effective

If your cash flow isn’t great – and even if it is – saving money is crucial to new businesses. Using an MSP can substantially cut down on startup costs both with hardware and software. Using the MSP servers means you don’t have to supply your own at great expense and if you combine this with a BYOD policy, your hardware costs will be very low indeed. An MSP provides state of the art software apps as part of their package.  Ultimately this helps you to manage your money effectively and makes budgeting for growth easier. Read more