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Wearable technology is becoming more common than ever. Learn what it means for consumers and businesses.

The Apple Watch: Functionality or Fashion Statement?

Since Apple came about in 1976, their products have been known to be aesthetically pleasing and modern in style. Both the MacBook as well as the iPhone have been incredibly successful in that they’ve become a statement. Those who have Apple products are assumed to be hip, sleek, and fashionable. Perhaps that’s how they’ve always been able to slam such a large price tag on their devices.

The next big thing from Apple is about to be released- The Apple Watch. Wearables have been an up and coming trend for some time, but just as Apple dominated the touch screen smart phone market, they are about to do the same with wearable watches. Though competitors like Sony and Samsung have developed wearables in the past that are far more functional than the Apple Watch, Apple will dominate because it is more fashionable than the other and runs the operating system that so many Apple users adore. Read more