Lessen the challenge of maintaining HIPAA compliance by utilizing Stratosphere Networks’ IT Services. We can automate IT Tasks, provide self-service information for clients, keep patient data stored and backed up confidentially, enable healthcare professionals to access real-time data to improve patient care, and much more. Necessary common line of business applications that Stratosphere Networks incorporates for the Healthcare industry include: EHR (Electronic Health Records) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Software, all of which are crucial to your business’ success.


The manufacturing industry is constantly changing. In an industry where time is of the essence and organization is crucial, Stratosphere Networks understands the need of a care-free technology system. Our teams of experts proactively address typical industry concerns including: order entry and processing, flawless ERP and SCM systems, inventory management and control, production scheduling, and a glitch-free CRM system. Regardless of the size of your manufacturing company, we incorporate the most cost-effective IT solutions custom-made to meet your business needs.

Small Business

Expanding and growing your small business so that you can increase your revenue and productivity is more than realistic with an IT company providing you technology solutions every step of the way. In a small business, Stratosphere Networks understands the need of a low cost and dependable technology system. Our experts incorporates the following solutions: remote helpdesk, service desk and desk side support, managed desktop services, managed server support, network services and support, backup and disaster recovery (BDR), collaboration, and virtualization. Focus on running your business while Stratosphere Networks runs your IT services.


In the financial industry, you should never allow your IT system to hold you back from excelling. We address common industry concerns including: process, risk and control efficiencies; elimination of redundancies; expensive reduction; risk mitigation; greater return on investment; issues and risk prioritization; more effective resource management; legal and regulatory compliance; improve process workflow; risk management functions and processes; and privacy and data protection. Several industry-specific applications implemented by our experts include banking, insurance, securities and risk management software; government compliance software; and ERM, ORM, ITRM, compliance and audit software. No matter the size of your firm, Stratosphere Networks provides the most cost-effective IT solutions.


Keep your IT solutions and services in the fast lane so you can speed past your competitors. At Stratosphere Networks, our team of experts will create a custom IT plan so that you don’t have to. Common automotive industry concerns that we address include: employee productivity, maintaining updated manufacturer diagnostic software, securing backups and disaster recovery initiates, and content filtering. Additionally, Stratosphere Networks incorporates the following automotive industry applications into your IT solutions: automobile diagnostic software; insurance claim software; vehicle history & registration; payroll, billing, financial & HR; CRM, DMS & Inventory; web marketing; call tracking & monitoring; and Social Media Tracking. Let Stratosphere Networks manage your IT systems so you can focus on what you do best.


No matter the size of your insurance agency, your company deserves the best technology available. Stratosphere Networks can provide and maintain your IT infrastructure so you don’t have to. Our technology solutions will increase overall productivity as well as address common insurance industry concerns such as: risk management concerns, call recording, time stamping, tracking, and call accounting, backing up client information, maintaining customer database, and working remotely. Allow Stratosphere Networks to implement its cost-effective IT solutions and services so you can focus solely on managing your insurance agency.


The legal industry is fast-paced and ever-changing, requiring the most up-to-date technology available. Stratosphere networks addresses common legal industry concerns such as calendar sharing, risk management tools, practice management software, time stamping, tracking and call accounting, billing and accounting, dictation and call recording, conflict checking, and filing and case management. Industry specific tools that Stratosphere Networks implements into your custom IT plan include: call accounting & tracking with Veramark, Metropolis, CallTracker, and Trisys; billing and accounting with Tabs3, QuickBooks, and PeachTree; Mobility integration via Blackberry, iTouch, Palm and PDA; document management, fax to email and scanning with Worldox, eFax, Multitech, FaxPress, and Open Text; databases; docket software; court searches; and case management software. Stratosphere Networks allows you to focus on running your law firm while we worry about your IT systems.


A government organization’s IT services and technology support should coincide with its goals. Since the industry is constantly evolving, your IT network should operate smoothly so that it can grow with you. Stratosphere Networks understands that common industry concerns include: utilize resources more efficiently; reduce time it takes to conduct annual audits; serve the public with better accessibility; ensure security of overall IT environment; and ensure software is up to regulation including federal, state, department of defense, NASA and department of transportation are safeguarded. Our experts offer a variety of solutions to address each concern, regardless of the size of your government organization. Common line of business applications for the government and state and local education industries include: self-service student and teacher portals, databases and inventory, remote learning, and budgetary software.


Media and communication companies often must rely on their IT infrastructure to efficiently carry out daily responsibilities. Several common industry concerns that Stratosphere Networks addresses include: maintaining customer database and survey applications, backup of client data and file planning to secure important data, keeping-up to date web content, and ensuring design tools are current and working. Whether your company is a start-up or much larger, we prove the most cost-effective IT solutions. Several services we provide include: delivering large files to clients, addressing social media management, collaborating video conferencing and other collaborative mediums, improve public perception and reputation, managing all mediums, automation, easy to use reporting and project management tools, web hosting and store, remote employee access, large bandwidth requirements, and maintaining use of common software programs such as Adobe, Microsoft Sharepoint, CRM, and Apple/MAC applications.